On Burning Out


As someone who has daily anxiety, the idea of sitting “with” my thoughts, and not focusing on them did not make any sense. And for a while, the activity was causing more stress than it was alleviating. But it did instill an attitude that has helped me deal with the stress of this bootcamp, and that is to be kind and gentle with yourself, even though it wasn’t always successful.



If you are in a bad mood, go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood, go for another walk.” — Hippocrates


Besides making my living room a much more pleasurable space to sit in all day long, the attention and care required by different plants helped me not get completely stuck in working on a bug or piece of code. Instead of starting my day by eating breakfast and then immediately sitting down for the rest of the day, I would have my morning misting of the tropical plants I have. Pruning leaves that were yellowing or drying out from too much sun, checking on the tomato seeds I have germinating in the window. All little activities that provided me with a sense of calm before I had my daily freakout over not being able to get something working, or feeling like I’m in way over my head.


As someone who’s never had the healthiest eating habits, partly because I always worked on my feet all day in whatever job I previously had, even I was shocked at how quickly my eating habits reverted to my college/teenage days. Lamb gyro and fries for dinner three nights in a row? Why not?


Obviously anyone who codes is going to understand the importance of good music to get into a flow state. I however realized working on code late at night is a lot easier nd more enjoyable if I am singing, a habit I developed when I would spend most of my free time in my studio painting. This is a more personal one, as I’m not sure of the benefits of doing this besides the enjoyment I get. But I am thankful for the two seperate mute buttons I have for my mic. So far I haven’t freaked someone out accidentally belting over a late night zoom call.



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